September 08, 2013

GiftIdea! is an Android app for taking the stress out of giving on birthdays and holidays. It’s available on Google Play in over 100 countries starting today, without ads and free of charge.

People are constantly sharing great gift ideas for themselves — specific books, board games, or even glass bottles of Sprite. For a long time I made notes in my todo list, but that meant that I couldn’t let anyone see my todo list and it kept getting longer. I built this app specifically for keeping track of gift ideas.

GiftIdea! is simple by design. Open the app, tap NEW IDEA in the upper right corner, and record your first idea. You’ll need to make sure the idea is recorded for at least one person by including a #hashtag of his or her name.

For example: railroad watch #grandpa

It’s easy to edit ideas, delete ideas, and let the app know you GOT IT. GiftIdea! is currently just for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It doesn’t request any special permissions or display ads. Features may be added in the future that require special permissions.

For any feedback please get in contact by email or on twitter! Happy Gifting!


September 8, 2013

Today we’re releasing an update to GiftIdea! In the week since the first release, there have been two visible improvements.

  • Recipients now show how many active ideas you have for them
  • The edit screen hint doesn’t imply you can add #hashtags

In addition, there were 28 changes to the code since last time!

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Written by @sghill, who works on build, automated change, and continuous integration systems.