Pull Request Accepted: Workaround No Longer Relevant

July 15, 2013

I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about using GVM with candidate versions that had been retired from the server. It demonstrated a workaround to deal with the corner case where a user previously installed a version from the server that is no longer available.

As of pull request 184, that post is no longer relevant. If a version is locally installed and no longer available on the server, it will work just as you’d expect. The fix has already been released.

After the bug was listed on Github, I forked the project and took a run at fixing it. I was comfortable in the shell-heavy codebase[1] within an hour and found writing a failing cucumber scenario very straight forward.

The GVM team is very receptive and encouraging. If you’re looking for a project to contribute to, this is a great one.

  1. The Bash Guide for Beginners is very helpful if you’re not a bash guru.

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