grep for Windows

February 17, 2015

Today I wanted to consolidate tags and categories on this blog. Every post is just a plain text file, so on unix the tool I’d reach for is grep. Select-String is a good choice for this task in PowerShell.


  1. Get all articles
  2. Show only the line with the word “Category” on it

Just like in unix, the pipe operator makes it easy to compose functionality.

Get-ChildItem -File -Path ".\content" | Select-String "Category"

Full cmdlet names are great for scripts, but in the shell it’s usually a little faster to just go with the aliases.

ls -File -Path ".\content" | sls "Category"

Finally, sometimes it’s really important to only match the correct case.

ls -File -Path ".\content" | sls "Category" -CaseSensitive

As always, for more:

Get-Help Select-String -Examples

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