Android Refactoring: Removing Dead Code

As of today, my Android application GiftIdea! is open source under the liberal MIT license. There are a number of things I’d love to change, but I think it’s probably going to be easier to write about the changes I’m making if I can directly link to the code.

I think commit ab1123 made the code better by removing code.

I got the idea of a ProgrammerErrorException from Nat Pryce’s Defect (formerly StupidProgrammerException). I liked the idea, so I included it in my project. As of commit 3d3db3 however, IntelliJ was reporting that it wasn’t used anywhere. One Safe Delete later and there is one less unused thing hanging around.

I still may try the idea. When I do, I’ll simply create the class again. And if I never do, I’ll never need to ship this code with the app again.

Google Play Android App Screenshots

Excited about releasing my first app to Google Play, I captured some thoughts from looking at other app screenshots in the store.

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Hitting The Ground Running with Android Maven Plugin

This article covers getting up and running with android-maven-plugin. The material is a little dated now that most of the android community has moved on to the official gradle plugin, but the underlying theme of saving time by having a build for your mobile apps still rings true.

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